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  Donald Trump Addresses Evangelical Leaders in Orlando Florida  CSPAN  August 11, 2016 9:05pm-10:00pm EDT

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, they are career criminals. they both should have been prison long before now. donald coming up have been my first choice but when it comes down to the choice we have now, to save this country, we don't need another obama and a pantsuit. host: thank you. hillary clinton and her economic policy address really today and worn, michigan. arren, michigan. now i want to move on into the donald trump event from earlier today. the republican presidential nominee was in orlando, florida this afternoon speaking to a gathering of evangelical pastors . we show that to now as i wrote to the white house coverage continues here on c-span.
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>> good afternoon. thank you. thank you very much. that back at know the republican convention, i had this amazing speech ready and it started out with these words, i'm very proud to accept your nomination. [laughter] unfortunately that speech never got delivered. because over the course of the past year, voters in this country by record numbers selected someone else. someone who by the way, as i will be honest with you come was not my first choice. i was my first choice. [laughter] ago donald trump was my and we were debating each other. i will play this, and every one of those debates i noticed that
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a lot of the other candidates were taking on donald trump. they were saying terrible things about the guy. and they were picking fights with him. and that would launch when they would pick a fight with him. that will tell you something, i may have an arkansas education but this man is smart enough to take onut that when you donald trump and get in a fight with him, you are the dog that is going to limp out of the fight when it is over. one of the reasons i'm here today is because i'm convinced that we need somebody who will fight for america to be on top again rather than disrespected and disregarded across the world. [applause] that a lot of my fellow believers and
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evangelicals, sometimes they will say, is donald trump like one of us? be as blunt as i can be. front of afit in the church like yours every sunday. he may not be as expressive or as loud about his own faith or convictions about things like being pro-life, which he is. if he wasn't, i would not be standing here today. but folks, some people will eat their super little louder than others. it does not mean the soup taste better. we are in a pivotal moment in american history. i know donald trump fairly well. i knew him before we were in the presidential race against each other. i have nothing for several years by working in new york.
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i knew him from having interviewed him for several times. even better, i know hillary clinton. for over 40 years. this is not a heavy lift. this is not hard for me. not only to say i will vote for him, but that i will go out and campaign vigorously for him because this is about the future of america. [applause] if donald trump gets elected, i have already seen the list of people he is likely to appoint to the supreme court. i'm real happy about that list. i also know the kind of people hillary clinton would put on that court. i'm scared to death of that list. i know what kind of people donald trump will put in the major agencies. a lot of people don't understand this, yes and president has a lot of power and influence and does a lot of things every day,
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but i was able to president us that it far beyond the personality or the executive skills of the individual, it is to employees and the points in their attempt of thousands of people that he either directly appoints or employees that actually set the tone of government, not just the immediate years of his term, but in some cases many years afterwards. who you think will appoint j, statefor the epa, do department, department of defense that better reflects the values? this is easy. there is a dramatic difference between the holy quicken that we have seen time and again -- hillary clinton we have seen time and again look a fright in the eye and lied to us. look us in the eye and lied to us. and some who tells us the truth
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and is blunt. i can handle the unfiltered truth a whole lot better than i can the hidden secret agenda of people who don't know how to tell the truth. worse, don't know how to tell the difference. importantaordinarily that in this election we get it right. say is theyears we most supportive collection of her lifetime and i forget does become more important each time. this time, i'm not messing with you. it is the most important election of our lifetime. here is the reason, it is not just about what we say or do on sunday. a lot is at stake. is more than just the place where we live. if people anywhere on this oppressed and flee
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for their very lives the one place they feel that they can come is america. i talked to police officer in miami whose father fled cuba's castro. castro's cuba. told his sonand and raised his son is born here now police officer and said to him, the reason we have to keep america is that if something happens into america, we have no place to run. the selection is the symbol. the lastut protecting castle on earth where freedom lives. trump willhat donald be the person who in that last
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castle will make sure that the united states of america will protect, preserve and pass on the freedom we cherish for the next generation. t-storm in welcoming who i believe is the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. [cheers] >> thank you. thank you, everybody. he is such a terrific person. thank you everybody. thank you very much. he is a perfect man. he is a special guy. i'm glad i did not get too much of a debate with him because that could happen very unattractive. especially for me. because he is tough.
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but he is a good man and i appreciate mike being here. i had a long pitiful speech and i read it and i said this is born. this is not what we want to talk about. andow a lot of the pastors i refuse to put them to sleep. right? take down the teleprompters, let's talk. i thought i would cut you a story that took place not to long ago in a big conference room in a building in manhattan in thatad many pastors conference room. read about 55 people. we had many pastors and ministers. two rabbis. rate people. -- great people. maybe six months ago. it was before, we had a number of meetings. i noticed the tremendous strength and power from these people.
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they were tremendously powerful people. personalities, their speech, they would speak so beautifully. i'm used to hearing real estate people in new york and they don't speak so beautifully. but there's more. very tough. words, such great people in the room. i'm pretty good at this, i know and people like me. i know when people don't like me. that is ok. either way i prefer the liking and sometimes it doesn't work. to all the people. we would go around the room and they are very religious people. there are believers. they believe so much in religious liberty as i do. because without religious liberty, he don't have liberty. [applause]
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some of these pastors and ministers and in both cases the rabbis, they have tremendous followings and tremendous congregations and we had one the thirdere, only and ihe biggest people, could see this love for donald trump. we want you to win. i said, pray for me. and they had no problem with that. they do that immediately. they formed a circle, we grabbed, everything was beautiful. hope you can get out there and really support me and fight for me and endorse me and all those political things.
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silence inhere was a the room. i said, what is this? what is going on? i could see they really liked me. they know i get it. won with the evangelicals in the primary. i would go to a state in regret the beginning i would go in and they would say he can't win that state because that is evangelical and then it would win in massive numbers. pastor jeffers would be on television and say he was great. he was always great on television. a great way of speaking. say that donald trump may not be perfect but he has how to win. good andis not as maybe he is not as perfect on but i do go to sunday
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school for many years. -- did get to sunday school for many years. [laughter] he may not be perfect, but he is ours. up and said got something that was very interesting, he said when ronald reagan jimmy carter were running , you had one who is absolutely ,erfect, sunday school teacher jimmy carter knew every word, a good person. and ronald reagan who had gone through a divorce and was samebly not on paper the and jerry junior, a fantastic person, kerry said his father was under tremendous pressure to vote -- from church groups and evangelicals to endorse mccarter
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-- jimmy carter and said he could not do. i can't do it. those when you had the iran hostage crisis in a lot of bad things were happening. through weakness. said he cannot do it. he endorsed ronald reagan. he was always so proud of that decision. jerry junior would tell me that of the great decisions and it was a great decision. talking about a great president who turned out to be a great president. but after jeffers would get up and say he is not perfect, that he knows how to win and he will win for us. i said i like that guy. i finally got to meet him and his fantastically he said things that were very nice. i appreciate it. we have such great support with the evangelical community. the christian community. largely the religious community. i'm in the room with many of the
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andors and some ministers they are going like, we can't really do that. i said why? on the like me, why aren't you endorsing me? women, women we had reverend paula, terrific thatn, we had some others were amazing and they have become friends upon his they are strong people. they said we can't do. why? it was not that they didn't want to tell me, it was almost like they get used to this thing around her neck -- their neck and what they cannot see. i said why? prodding they
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lose ouron't want to tax exempt status. what does that have to do with your tax exempt status not knowing? it has to do with the 501(c)(3) status that they can get involved from the standpoint of essentially freedom of speech. you have these powerful people with a great voice and you know and everytianity thing we're talking about today has had a very tough time. migration,efore the if you are a christian in syria it was virtually impossible to come into the united states. syria, it muslim from was one of the easier countries to be able to find your way into the united states.
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just think about what that means. this and i did , i didn't know that it played such a big role. i look back into it, i wanted to check this out. do you ever get use to something that is wrong and just get used to it? that is why they were not tony. they got so used to it, the strongest people -- smartest people, was bold people. they got so used to it that they almost didn't even know what was wrong but they knew there was something wrong. i wanted to look into. we had a meeting three months with aasilar group -- with lyndonp and
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johnson, right? 1970's and they say he was having a problem with either one or more churches. they were going after him. he wanted the silence the church. he was a powerful guy, smart guy. tough guy. very much different from what we have today. we don't have tough. we need tough. [applause] smart.te we don't have that today. we certainly won't happen if we actually clinton. for mere -- morning four more years -- four more years of this nonsense. i had the meeting. explained to them about lyndon johnson and most of them knew it.
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lyndon johnson wanting to silence people that did not feel so good about him. in particular one church. ins anyone know that church houston? maybe it was many churches. he wanted to silence them and he was powerful and got it approved. he basically silenced the pastors and the ministers and andrabbis and the priests people of religion. i said, that is incredible. they churches, the pastors, the evangelicals did not do anything about it. i know how tough you are. i say what happened? right? you all know.
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it, you havek of been in women. 50-50, approximately. very powerful groups. men and women. religion and this is not 50-50. but satan is 80%, 75%. 82%. whatever it may be, the most powerful lobby there is. and yet you haven't totally silenced. when they told me that, we were in the building in manhattan and i said that means that you have ass power as powerful people people that are representing thousands of people on denali sendai. generally on sunday. that means you have less power than people walking up and down
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the street. see the people walking up, that means you have less power than they do. and yet you should be far more powerful. you've looked at what has happened to religion, if you look at what is happening to christianity and if you look at the number of people going to churches, the evangelicals know thisalso, it is not on decline, it is this climb. slow and steady in the wrong direction. do with thehas to fact that you've been silenced. you have been silenced. like a child has an silenced. people,billy, great they want to do the right thing. we're not talking about bad people, we talk about great people. they say don't do that, donald.
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don't do that. great people. know, going to take this into my own hands. this is where after jeffers says, this is what i'm good at. people aboutling it because it had an impact on them. silenced that are finance people. the power has been taken away. your power has been taken away. afraid to even mention the word endorsement as opposed to seeing you like somebody, you should support that person and go out and stand on the street corner and said, cap is the best or whoever you want. you can't do that now. i know you are not going for hillary. hate to tell you folks.
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you had two choices. i feel confident. you should be able to even if you did want to. you should be able to stand up and say. it should also be able to want to represent and have somebody who represents your feelings about life, you should have that person and be able to talk about it. that is a massive thing when you lose their tax-exempt status. some the churches do great work. i decided to work on it and i have worked on it. then i was lucky enough because of the evangelicals, i was lucky enough to win the primary in a landslide.
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highest number of votes in the history of the republican party. that is was 17 people. [applause] the highest number of votes won most of the states it was a landslide. a lot of that was because of the evangelicals. i would never forget, we were winning new hampshire. did great in massachusetts. went to south carolina and went to north carolina and they said there he will have problems because they'll have a tremendous number, 50% evangelical and nokia lumia, a lot. i said that is a good thing. no, he hasn't people that are very good. i think it is a good thing. i cannot be right. they voted for donald trump. they wanted to come. which i appreciate. i'm protestant, presbytery.
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first presbyterian church of jamaica, jamaica, new york, out in queens, new york. and i'm proud of it. but i said i'm going to take this into my own hands and i and going to figure a way that we can get you back your freedom of speech. it was taken away. [applause] you know, this wasn't -- this was an taken away as part of our constitution when our great forefathers went out and 4 -- and wrote it. this was lyndon johnson in the 1970's. this is an something we need great legal dialogue on here and this was lyndon johnson in the 1970's. and lyndon johnson -- i respect lyndon johnson because he was one smart cookie. but lyndon johnson was a major player.
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he was a very tough cookie. and he was able to silence his critics by doing it. so we're going to get your voice back. we are going to get it back. when it looked like i was going to win -- we still have these never trump, never trump, all these people, never trump. that's why i love mike. mike said, hey, he's doing a good job. he's such an amazing guy. we always got along. somehow, we always got along. and there are a few others, too. we have some pretty good relationships. is it, you know, we're going to do something. and when i got the nomination, and as we were getting a and is working on the life form, i said to my people, see if you can add in the johnson amendment. call it the johnson amendment. that we are going to get rid of the johnson amendment. [applause]
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now i wanted to come and explain it because a lot of people don't know in the kind of detail, in depth i have explained it to you today. i was at a couple of pastors a few weeks ago but they weren't really sure. i hope you can spread the word. this will be so great for religion. but it will be so great for the evangelicals, the pastors, the priests, for america. no, they took away your voice. they took away the voice of great people. they took away the voice of people that want to see good things happen. it's not like they took away a bad voice, and evil voice. they took away a voice -- and i mean, took it away. i think two people in this rumor there. but if you were in that room with me, they were silent.
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they didn't want to get involved with good things. so we are going to put it together. and we actually put it in the platform. and i have to say the republicans were great. they were great. [applause] i will get it approved, too. we will get it out. we will be able to terminate the johnson amendment. and you will have great power to do good things. and religion will start going instead of this way -- i mean, christianity, when you think of what's happening, you look at the numbers -- i talk about sunday school and people don't know what i am talking about anymore. it's true. they don't know and talking about. instead of going this way, you're going to be going this way. you may be going this way, but we are going to bring it back. because it's a good thing. it's a good thing. they treated you like it was a bad thing. but it's a great thing. so if i get elected president, one of the early things, one of the absolute first things i am going to do is work on totally
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knocking out the johnson amendment. now, it is not going to be that hard. even the democrats, the power you have is so enormous, it's not like you have -- you represent 2% of the country and is going to be difficult. you probably 75% 80%. and if you want to put your full weight -- can you imagine if all of you people started calling up the longer will -- the local conga men and the local senator? i mean, they don't have a chance of winning that one. and i don't need lobbyists like hillary clinton needs, and pay them a fortune, by the way. we don't need lobbyists. they get paid a fortune and have total control over hillary. special interests, all of these people. they have total control over her.
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they paid -- the hedge funders paid her $48 million. i'm funding me. we're raising money for the republican party. $16 million and i'm trying to give it back. doing well. where doing well in florida. and were doing well in ohio. [applause] the polls early -- rasmussen just came out. 13 points down a few weeks ago. now on three points down. so something is going on. this happened in the primaries, too. you know. somebody got up the other day. it was geraldo rivera. geraldo is a good guy. he was in one of the fox shows. nobody's gotten rich by betting against the donald trump. [laughter] so who knows.
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i don't say that in a bad way, but i've beat 16 very talented politicians, etc. so i think we're going to win. she's a very dishonest person. new e-mails have come out today. you heard about this whole deal. now the fbi made seems, is very upset because they made a recommendation to justice and justice turn down the recommendations. was going on now has never been seen. not the say that it hasn't gone on, but it hasn't been seen publicly where someone can go out and read charges that someone is so guilty, that other people's lives have been destroyed, including general betray us -- general petraeus. and what he did was peanuts compared to she burned out 30,000 e-mails. so the other day, they had a thousand e-mails. and these are probably the good ones. but they found a lot of bad stuff. pay for play. pay for play. it's illegal.
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what i hear -- it's just happening, but i hear everybody is upset at fbi. the situation was not pursued in this is having to do with other things beyond all of the things -- for a while, i said, wow, because there is point after point after point -- wow, she is guilty. and then however, we've decided -- it's really bad. we've never seen the inner workings of our government. it's looking so bad. a lot of things are happening to crooked hillary. because i think, you know, personally, i think that her single greatest achievement, when you can burn out or delete or however she did 33,000 -- but of course, those were ok, but they were the wedding and yoga.
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[laughter] i could see for yoga, two or three. pregnancy for the wedding, 10. but 33,000 e-mails? yoga and the wedding, right? and i made the statement before that barack obama and hillary clinton, these are the founders of isis. these are the founders of isis because of bad judgment. these are the founders. some, well, that's not very nice. if they said it about me, that would be fine. they get the most valuable player award. isis is going to present them with the most valuable player award. [laughter] you know, like in high school. [applause] most valuable player award.
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no, these are bad people. incompetent. i just read with isis, the jv, remember the jv? it's gone from eight countries to 28 countries. they were trying to clean up the books. did you see it just came out that they were try to make it look like it was much less powerful than it is? and there have been 143 attacks over the last short while. 143 attacks in 29 countries. and we are allowing them to come in -- through syria, we are allowing them to come in by the thousands. and hillary clinton wants to raise it up 550%. and we don't know -- in all fairness, we want safe havens. we want to help them in syria. we will get the gulf states to pay for because they have plenty of money and they are not doing anything. and if it would for us, they wouldn't be there very long,
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believe me. they've got nothing but many. and we are going to make them pay for it. but i have a big heart. i have as big a must anybody in this room. you got some pretty good people. i know one person in particular. he's actually better person that than i am, but that's ok. [laughter] but he knows that i can do stuff better. meaning -- open it up to you folks. so we are going to hopefully win. and the way we are going to lean is you have to get your congregations and you have to get your parishioners and all of your people and you've got to get them to sign those cards early. in many cases, you can vote before november 8. this way, there's no excuses. i joke a lot. i say, if you are sick, if you've got just the worst prognosis that a doctor can give
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you, if you are lying in bed and you just know you're not going to make it, you have to get up on november 8 and you have to vote. [laughter] [applause] honestly, you did not vote for romney. if you had voted for romney, it would have been much closer. you did not vote for romney, evangelicals. religion did not get out and vote. i don't know why and whatever the reason. i'm not sure why. a lot of different reasons for. the people did not get out and vote. but you have really now a one-time shot. that's it. it's a one-time shot to get out and vote. you have to get the people in
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your churches. you have to get them to go out and vote. whether you have bus drives or whatever you have to do. for instance, we have a close race in virginia. if we get the evangelicals, we get the different people that are represented by you, if we get those people to vote, we are going to win in virginia. we are going to win in virginia. if they don't vote, not going to happen. it's never going to happen again. you're never going to happen -- have a chance again, 501 c3 for yourselves. you can talk about you like. think about that. you can have your people -- i mean, dialogue within the churches and temples and foot ever it may be. you can actually have dialogue, talk about who you want. it's never going to happen again, folks. how it happened in the first place is amazing. it told me what a great allah titian lyndon johnson is. how they got that through his amazing. he is a strong, tough guy. but you are never going to have this chance again. the reason i wanted to do this instead of a ho-hum speech where
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i say, talk about my childhood, talk about whatever, have a few people yawning in the middle -- you notice i took the teleprompters down, right? [applause] i had teleprompters. i had a speech. written by a professional. and i said i am not reading this. [laughter] and you have a chance to do something that will be earth shaking. i literally meaning, or the shaking. you got to vote. and especially in those states where we are represented -- i'm having a tremendous problem in utah. utah is a different place. is anybody here from utah? i didn't think so. [laughter] we're having a problem. i mean, because, look, you know, it could cost us the supreme
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court. we are going to have four or five justices put on. or having a problem. i have been given a false narrative. but we are doing really well in some states coming putting florida. how many are from florida here? [cheering] look, if you get your people out to vote, we are going to in florida. even one point upper one point down, it's even. and i haven't started yet. i haven't really started. remember, -- to forget, i won the primaries by a landslide. and people were really shocked. you remember the story, where we had marco and jeb and we had, like, initially 17 people. they saw marco and jed and will do winner take all. one of those guys will pick up 99 delegates. i said i don't want that.
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you have a governor for eight years and a senator who is a rising star and you have trump. then the first paul came and i have 48% and they had 12% and 11 the percent -- and 11%. and i thought i do like that. [laughter] we won by a massive amount and that was great. the fact that you are in florida, most of you, many of you are in florida, but if you can send out the word to ohio, pennsylvania, some of those really important swing states, i'm telling you, we will -- we will do it. -- because we are close. we are very close. in pennsylvania, she wants the miners out of business. she is a disaster. she's a disaster. i think we are going to win pennsylvania. but if we become president, we are going to do something that
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will be so great for something we all love, ok? something we all love. we have 90 days. not long. 90 days -- when i started this, it was june 16. it's been a long time. boy, that's a long time. all of a sudden, we are down to 90 days. i think it is so, so important. i just gave a speech to a great organization, the homebuilders of our country, great people. my father was a home builder. that's what he did. he built homes. and i'm driving over here -- that was two hours ago -- and i'm driving over here and i said, you know, in a way, your home builders, too. but you are homebuilders with a spirit. your spiritual homebuilders. which is actually more important if you think about it, than the brick-and-mortar, ok? [applause] i just want to tell you that -- i wanted to discuss this because usually it is just one line, that we are going to get rid of the johnson amendment that nobody knows about. i explained it in more detail
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than i am a half you could spread the word to everybody, to all the other pastors all over -- and if you get everybody out to vote in florida and if you get everybody out to vote in, like, virginia, like, pennsylvania, like, ohio and some of the other states, especially the ones that are really the pivotal states, we will win. and you will see things happen for the evangelicals -- you will see things happen that you wouldn't believe. and really, most importantly, for religion, you're going to see things happen, for religion. all religions. so important. so i hope it can spread the word. on november 8, i hope you can get everybody out. and before then, you know, they have early ballots, especially in florida. they had early ballots and you
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can sign hundreds of thousands of early ballots for people that can't get out the vote, for just about everybody. and whatever you can do, i would appreciate. i say pray for me. i pray for you. i just want to say, whatever you can do, this will be an election that will go down in the history books. and for evangelicals, for the christians, for the everybody, for everybody of religion. this will be may be the most important election that our country has ever had. so go out and spread the word. and once i get in, i will do my thing that i do very well. and i figure it is probably, maybe the only way i'm going to get to heaven. so i better do a good job. [laughter] ok? [applause]
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thank you. thank you very much, everybody. thank you very much. thank you. thank you all. they give. -- thank you. november 8. [applause] >> let's take a moment. we are going to pray as pastors and christian leaders, we are commanded to pray for all those in authority. it's very clear that government rests on the shoulders of the lord and that justice and righteousness are the foundations of his throne. let's pray pray lord, we thank you that we have the privilege
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today of acknowledging your kingship, your lordship, that all government rests on your shoulders. we are also commanded to pray for all of those in authority. odd, we are asking you now, for in his strength and wisdom and protection over the trump family and all those who are connected to them. i pray, lord, that you give them clarity and wisdom. i pray, lord, that you give them new revelation of the work of the cross and the power of the resurrection. we asked, lord, for a manifestation of your presence that is so real, that he will hear from you with clarity and precision. god, we're asking you now to speak to those voices that can sometimes ring so loud it becomes a distraction. but we are praying for prophetic clarity. lord, we know this is a critical juncture for the battle of the soul of this nation. and we believe that the heart of this nation is your church. may you awaken the hearts of the nation, your church, for a healing of the soul of our nation. god, we ask you to go before the trumps and be their rearguard. we ask you, lord, as all leaders you have been placing an authority, to hear from you and
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recognize that all righteousness and justice belongs to you. and the foundations of our nation are established on our judeo-christian base and beliefs. so, lord, for the healing of our nation, for the healing of the nations of the world, we are asking you now to get the clarity, the wisdom, the direction, the guidance and the revelation of the work of the cross and the manifestation of your presence. we pray for all of our government leaders, especially right now, lord, we need wisdom more than ever. in jesus's name, a man. -- amen. [applause]
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announcer: the time magazine story cover this week, a caricature of donald trump with this headline. meltdown." joining us on the phone is alex altman. they give for being with us. i want to begin we're your desk where your story begins. if you could read between the tea leaves, what was the toner tenor of that conversation? and think that previous trump have an unlikely partnership. i think what he wanted to communicate to trump last week is the republican party has a sweeping panic now about the direction of the some campaign
9:53 pm
and the trajectory of the polls is wrong. what he told trump is the campaign is going in the wrong direction and the needed to turn it around. and what is going on in the rnc at the moment is trying to make a deliberation in the next couple of weeks, before early voting begins, how they want to spend limited resources in both cash and resources. so there's a menu of options on the table. rnc is something that the will make a determination about in the next couple of weeks. >> we are all dealing with the donald trump campaign. he does not have a large staff. ?ow reliant will he be , especially with the ground game coming up? how reliant will he be, especially with the ground game coming up? >> you bring up a good point. candidates have almost
9:54 pm
on campaignrelied build up. he doesn't do much of data or field or a single television ad in the general election. he is relying on the rnc to bootstrap what is a pretty skeletal staff out in the states. if the rnc decides that their determination is that the best move for the good of the party is to help vulnerable incoming house and senate republicans, that could be a significant blow to a campaign that doesn't have much of an apparatus out there. as you point out in your fees, the under forced errors dating back to donald trump's comments about john mccain, megyn kelly, his various tweets and more recently, his attack on the khan family. didn't the republicans see this coming.
9:55 pm
not see this did coming. they believed he would recalibrate his behavior when she got past the primary. what is beginning to don on republicans who held out hope that trump would sort of an act a more presidential posture is that he is who he is. -- there celebrating score settling that worked so successfully for him is something he clearly has varied over in the general election. , as well as priebus many other people, are leaning on trump to temper his words, as us, going little kinder, little easier, a little nicer hearin. he might be more of the natural as the attacker in the timers and staff. -- and stuff. saying to donald trump "take the gloves off."
9:56 pm
while you have one faction of republicans, probably the larger faction, urging him to adopt a more conventional tone to appeal to swing voters and independents, you still have voters, many of the ones he's over last week and during a fundraiser in nantucket, who are pressing them to be harder, to hit harder against ellery, to go at -- against hillary, to go after the republicans who have left him at the altar. there is a push and pull. to puzzlely trying out the best path forward. >> you talk to trump on tuesday for your fees. what did he tell you? alex: he foreshadowed some of the things i have arrived in the last 48 hours. he liked the primaries better. he was listening to people who were telling him to ease up, but he wasn't sure that's what the people on.
9:57 pm
we have seen him say that president obama was the founder of isis. we heard remarks that appear to some that suggested that second amendment supporters might have a remedy to limit hillary clinton assigning supreme court justices. every step he takes in one direction, he takes two steps back the next day. >> on a day with record heat on coast, an eight-point lead in august can melt like ice cream in the heat. so for donald trump to turn this around, what do people savings to do, besides what you said earlier in terms of trying to temper his town? alex: if you tell to republicans, they say that he needs to stay on message. he needs to keep his remarks warily on hillary clinton. he needs to be tying hillary clinton to barack obama and keep his focus on his opponent. that is not his inclination, for someone as illicitly-obsessed as
9:58 pm
donald trump -- publicity-assessed as donald trump. an extraordinary series of misfires, picking a fight with the family of a fallen army captain, relitigating battles from the primaries with ted cruz -- republicans would really like to see him keep the focus on hillary clinton. that is really step number one. and stop getting bogged down by these daily controversies. have the jeep -- have the gop reconsidering their strategy for november. alex altman joining us from the washington bureau. thank you for your time. alex: thank you very much. announcer: a group seeking to raise the federal minimum wage its firsthour holds national convention tomorrow in richmond, virginia.
9:59 pm
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